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Children of the Rust Belt
In the shadow of the watertower

Years with out a land line

now wireless

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Yesterdays gray weather found me feeling a little blue. For fun I decided to go with my friend Jen to Big Lots. It is a very creepy store filled with “all your needs for white-trash living.”

We wandered the food section admiring Peter Piper’s Pickles, very scary potted meat foods, and canned peas. In the houseware department the had a wide selection of faux Fiestaware, ant traps, and Halloween decorations.

We tried to buy candles but the all smelled like the mall and gave us a headache. As a dare, we bought some SPAM spread with pineapple.

In the toy section we found a microphone that would transmit on FM for four dollars. We bought it. In the car we quickly got it to transmit on 100 on your FM dial it actually over powered some other radio stations and sounded reasonably good.

As we drove through traffic, I began maniacal preacher rant”

“People of Ypsilanti… this message is for you coming over Ypsi Pirate Radio…There is a conspiracy against us all being perpetuated by THE MAN…. He is trying to keep you down by putting crack cocaine in your water….. Listen to me now as I say…. DO NOT drink the water….”

Although out little toy radio transmitter probably did not have too strong a range, it was hilarious to think that somebody in the car next to us in traffic just might be scanning for a radio station. Perhaps they got a little taste of Radio Free Ypsi.

When we got home we tried to eat the SPAM and pineapple. It was disgusting and made my stomach hurt.

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I recently drove past Cluck’s Drive-In on Michigan Ave. Just beyond the few streetwalkers that pass by sits a orange and brown drive up restaurant featuring curb service, and in-car dining.

It’s very square, sometimes rusty. Looks somewhere between 1969 and 1976.
The owner was out front mowing the lawn.

Kluck’s Drive-In

Chinese man
Runs hot dog stand

Root beer, car hop, onion rings
Make me an egg roll too
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I attended Mark Maynard’s Beer with the Bloggers meeting on Thursday. Thank you to Mark for organizing the gathering. I didn’t get to meet everyone but truly enjoyed meeting an entirely new bunch of fellow Ypsi people.

Reality and imaginary internet connections intertwined into what at times was a confusing juxtaposition. Not having met any of these people before I had trouble deciphering who was who relative to their respective blogs. But that didn’t matter too much. I think all had fun and hope we do it again.

Perhaps next time, we can plot and scheme how we will tear down the new cool cities banners and burn them at the Water Street project.

Otherwise, car is still broken. Time to get a torch.
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You I hit with hammers and such
trying to fix my breaks

Your hydraulic cylinders
would not retract
An obstacle to my success

Four hours I toiled on you
hot, relentless, sweat in eyes

Smoke a cigarette

Brake fluid burns in bloody knuckle

Long enough then to cause
cute brown haired neighbor girl
to stop by,
we had never talked

Intriguing to hear about yourself
From someone across the street
“We’re you married?”
“No we weren’t.”

Car is still not fixed.
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wanna be a ranger
with camouflage kids
teach them how to eat beef jerky
kill, hunt, fish

Bambie and her mom

drive in a 4 x 4
bacon for breakfast
clean and load a gun
in no time

little Boby was an Eagle Scout
upon his Daddies knee
took him hunting with an automatic weapon

unfair and tragic sport
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A late post for anyone interested. Last race for the season...

1/4 mile track

7:30 Flatrock Speedway, get there early it could sell out.

Why do I like these so much?

You kind of don't believe what you are seeing.

See you in turn 4. THERE ARE NO RULES!!!!!!!

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I went to the City Council meeting Tuesday evening. The public was invited to speak about saving the freight house or turning it over to private management. So many people showed up that they had to move the meeting. I had walked there, and figured there was a big enough turnout, so I opted not to go to the meeting; it is covered in the newspaper articles.

Strange what is not in the papers so far, facts are still coming in but:
The city closed the building because they had someone inspected it and it was declared unsafe. Because it needed so much work, the city wants to pursue turning it over to a private investor. Happily, at the close of the City Council meeting, it sounds like the city is going to keep it.

It could be, that over 80 people showed up in support of saving the freight house.

And it could be that somebody pointed out that electrical contractors had been driving very heavy man-lifts inside the building for several week while they did electrical work – and they didn’t go through the supposedly unsafe floor.

It could be, that somebody hired and independent building inspector who inspected the building and found it not in as bad shape as the city was telling us. His report may have been given to a few city council members who decided “not to talk about it at the meeting.” Hmmm?

I see the Freight House as a great multi-use public space that should not be privatized. As one of the closest homeowners to the building I watch from my porch as it becomes: a market, a dance hall, a Mardi Gras party, a senior center, a place for weddings. All in all, it suits they town well just as it is.
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For Ypsi residents:

If you didn't go to the city council meeting to discuss the Freighthouse...

... your just going to have to wait to find out what unfolded...
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Alas, the salon is now the Golden Crust pizza joint, but several years ago I got my hair cut at the Glory of God hair salon west on Michigan ave. The friendly lady seemed a little surprised by my arrival but as her child played in the background, she did a wonderful job cutting my hair and telling me here life story and dreams. I got a blessing when I left, Amen!

Apparently the haircut wasn’t that great. A few moths latter when I went to Ikes, to get my hair cut buy Rock and Roll Cindy, she exclaimed as she combed, “What the fuck happened to your hair, did you get gum in it?”

I cut my own hair now. It all started with two margaritas and a pair of scissors. . .

Current Mood: nostalgic nostalgic

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