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Children of the Rust Belt
In the shadow of the watertower
Labor Day weekend. I’ll skip the travel hassle and be a tourist in my backyard.

Tonight, if the Ypsi peeps don’t wimp out, all you can eat German dinner at Romanoffs. Haven’t been in a few years but hope the very large man still sings with his cousins.

In other news, as she was fleeing the state of Michigan, ex-girlfriend dropped of a little mold that I created in honor of Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion house. Now taking orders for paperweight sized plaster Dymaxion houses.

See http://www.hfmgv.org/dymaxion/ for background on the house.
I helped a bit in its restoration.

Saturday: Eastern Market for snaussages and more
Sunday: junk shopping down route 23

Also looking for festivals of labor which seem lacking in Detroit this year. Must not be time for union negotiations.

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I don't own a television but am fairly addicted to radio. I usually have the radio on when I am home. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don't.

This afternoon, I fell out of the totally self absorbed train of thought that I had been pursuing for the last three hours. That stupid show Prairie Home Companion was on.

On comes a little faux Prairie princess with a little pixie voice and she starts singing a Broadway show tune...


falling in love with a barista from Starbucks

I don't know if it creeped me out more that I kept listening, or the fact that somebody actually wrote such a song. I kept listening thinking that the song was making fun of itself but I don't think it was. In this age of anti-multinational-mcSupersize me-ness, I was amazed at this apparently symbiotic relationship between NPR and Starbucks.


Secondly, the host of that show needs to *get laid.* He spends way too much time talking about sex. He and his Minnesota wife (or whatever) should put the kid to bed and hit the sack for some quality time. Then he would shut up, and let the airwaves be free of the contrived land of cheese, where everyone is happy because they eat ketchup.

but I digress

It's just that ...that show reminds me of Ann Arbor.

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Last winter my two brothers came to visit. It was very spur of the moment and they showed up at my house on a Wednesday evening.

I had to work Thursday and left them to their own on a gray and snowy day.
They went for a walk up the railroad tracks and somehow by 12:30 they had locked themselves out of the house.

Driving home at 5:30, I got as call that they were at Sidetracks. How nice I thought, burgers and beer for dinner.

I walked in the bar and they were sitting gelatinous mumbling and smoking cigarettes. Large brother stood up and gave me a bear hug, “We Love You” Other brother attempted to raise the massive 25 ounce mug of beer to his mouth and almost took out his teeth.
They had been there five hours and had been cut off by the bartender by this time.

“You know these guys?” bartender Penny retorted. “Get them out of here.”

They were so staggery I had to walk them home one at a time. I took their cigarettes away so they didn’t burn my house down. They passed out and I never got to really visit with them.

Here is a little ditty I found on a napkin they left me. It had gotten buried for awhile…

Like your granny
Gray and cold
with a sagging fanny

Drinking beer in the
Sidetrack Bar
Don’t care when
Or who you are

Life is good in
A Depot town Bar
Don’t care who,
or where you are

Smeet the Pope
Ypsi Co-Op has heart
Sidetrack bar has two hearts and a rope

Pickles fried
and no place to smoke dope

Ypsi rules and my brothers the Pope.
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Found our Main Street,
Found our Main Street,
Boarded up and gone to hell,
All the townsfolk shop at Wal-Mart,
Now we've got no local stores.

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One of my favorite summer traditions is to go watch the Demolition Derby. Only in America will they smash perfectly good cars with such enthusiastic abandon.

This week is the Chelsea Community Fair and you have virtual Derbypaloza going on out there.

So the "races" are : Tue, Wed & Thursday night, the smashing, and burning rubber smell starts at 7:30.

$5.00 to get you in.

Tuesday night features a Powder Puff heat (all girlz --don't laugh they won the final last year)


And while you are there, do not miss the 4-H displays in the Green Exhibit Barn. Here you can see freakish carrots that resemble Abe Lincoln, and fine folk art made by people who live in mobile homes.

Fun for the whole family.
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Spent last night working at the kick-off party for the Heritage Fest. I got to be one of the champagne pouring dudes. Never did I know that one could make friends so easily.

Well attended gathering of what I guess was some of Ypsi's Old Monied folks, crowed was definately older but I had a great time being hit on by the over fifty tipsy ladies. A great place to meet neighbors you never knew you had.

And so begins Ypsi's annual Heritage Fest. All the greasy food you care to eat.
I'm going to the spaghetti dinner in the big tent. If you can't beat them, join em.
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Back from the wilds of the Upper Peninsula! What a spectacular trip it was.

Spent the entire time at Pictured Rocks hiking on the cliffs, munching blueberries and thimble berries. Several days at the beach, which was just out side the tent by-the-by, Twelve Mile beach, where in the morning sipping coffee you can look in either direction and see NOBODY AT ALL.

Nighttime spent eating great foods, drinking wine and watching the meteorite shower.

Day trip to Ausable Lighthouse where upon the end of the tour, where you get out and walk around the top of the lighthouse, I spied a bald eagle, as if on cue. Amazing.

My traveling companions were a great pleasant bunch. Never complained of lack of showers or running water and I only had to tell them once after too much wine, to “stop talking about your freaking cats…you girls need boyfriends” My bandana’d hat and four day beard earned me the name Pirate.


Camping is a good thing.
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Was awoken at 4:30 with a freaky dream about pinworms.
Not too much to do at 5:00 in the morning.

It will be a long day, got practice tonight and a party to play at on Saturday.

Camping trip is coming up soon.

Demolition derbies at the Chelsea fair are too. I can smell the anti-freeze now.

And finally, based on my observations of train traffic through Ypsi, I predict that the economy is improving. More trains = more cars & stuff being made. The tracks have been quite busy of late.
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Blue Moon-- is tonight. No it won't be blue but we only get two full moons in a month about every 2 years.

Maybe I'll get a bottle Blue Nun to go with it.

>> howl like werewolf noise <<
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I had always thought that vanity plates were for vain people.

But the thought of this plate on my aging SAAB with 375,000 miles on is a little intruiging, especially in the Motor City

Should I get it?
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